Mop Washer


The Mop Washer is perfect for cleaning all high traffic areas: restaurants, hospitals, schools, convenient stores, warehouses, garages, and much more!

In a time where everything needs to be sanitized as possible, providing a clean environment is more important than ever. By attaching the Mop Washer to a hot water source, you can ensure that mops are washed cleaned between each use – giving you cleaner floors and reducing the spread of bacteria and dirt. Cleaner mops will smell better and last longer too. This leads to significant savings in laundry and replacement costs. You will never have to mop with dirty water again!

The Mop Washer can be used in a stationary area like a mop basin, floor drain, or sink to create a washing station where mops get cleaned during or after use. The check valve water hose connection and drain hose storage feature make it easy to disconnect and prepare for transport when using the Mop Washer on a janitor cart or out on the floor.