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The Hody Mop Washer (with Hose Kit)


“The Hody” Mop Washer is a must-have for Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Schools, Hospitals, or any place that has a dirty mop. It is small but very effective. “The Hody” Washer sits in almost all floor mop sink basins on the market. You simply place it in the sink and connect it to a water hose. The patented fittings pressure wash the bottom of the pail and flush dirt and debris up and out of the drain. Plunge your dirty mop up and down in the Washer until the water is clear. Then place the clean mop into soapy water in your mop bucket and continue mopping.

Benefits of The Hody Mop Washer:

  • Quickly Cleans the dirtiest of mops
  • Reduces the number of times you have to change mop heads
  • It is a quick return on investment since you will buy fewer mops
  • Reduce/eliminate mop head cleaning service
  • Floors will be cleaner
  • Mops won’t smell
  • Improves sanitation
  • Employees like it because it makes their job easier
  • Less water usage than washing/rinsing mop in the sink or sending mops out for laundering


  • 5 ft industrial grade, 175 psi hose with heavy brass fittings and a brass wye splitter