The Rag Rinser (with Hose Kit)


Never Wipe with a Dirty Rag Again!

The rag rinser circulates clean water (without use of chemicals) to flush away dirt and debris from wipe down towels, providing a more sanitary clean while keeping towels smelling better and reducing laundry cost. The Rag Rinser uses a patented system that connects to a standard water faucet. Attach the hose to the Rinser, turn on the water, and add your used rags. The restricted flow nozzle inside the pail creates a blast of water across the bottom of the Rinser causing towels to tumble, circulating hot water, and flushing debris up and out of drain. Once the water clears, dip your towels into a sanitizing solution or use sanitizing spray (according to health department guidelines). When your rag gets dirty, simply repeat the process to rinse your rag so it’s clean for the next use.

Benefits of Cowboy’s Rag Rinser:

  • No more smelly towels
  • Significantly reduces laundry cost
  • Cleaner towels will produce cleaner surfaces
  • Built in check valve to prevent back flow of dirty water


  • Return on investment is immediate
  • Rag Rinser pays for itself in days
  • In many cases laundry cost are cut more than 50%
  • Conserves water by using less towels creating less laundry


  • 4.5 ft industrial grade, 175 psi hose with heavy brass fittings and a brass wye splitter